Monday, 18 February 2013

Shitty Change

  What is your current life situation? Are you stuck? Are you feeling hopeless?Are you into passive spirituality without any results?Well most of us are unwilling to change our life and fucking explore its various facets.We would like to live a comfortable and stinky lives like a worm without any aliveness and experimentation.We would rather sit and fret and worry and say'How the world is a fucking shitty place to live'.We would rather eat shit everyday rather than risk change(the pain of change in more straightforward terms).

    What about me?Well I am done with fretting and complaining and am ready to eat the shit of change rather than keep farting about how life is difficult.And yeah change means facing shit!that's reality.So what about you guys? Are you willing to explore and be ready to embrace the shit?Do comment and express your opinions..

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