Friday, 24 May 2013

The Art of Growing up

   We all have heard everybody say that "the most hard time in your life is when you are growing up".In most people's lives this is a phase of transition and causes havoc.It usually happens during the age of 16 and continues until we totally grow out of this havoc.Our usual nature is to resist this transition as it is highly uncomfortable as you are bombarded with the feelings we usually tend to avoid,mostly depression,worthlessness,inferiority,fear,guilt,hopelessness,despair,confusion,boredom,loneliness,anxiety.Our most general solution is to fix these feelings through relationships,drugs,chatting,socializing etc.Now I am not saying that you don't have to do this,but as one grows up, one cant help but feel the pressure in some way to face these feelings as one becomes more aware of the prevalence of theses feelings in their life more and more.

    So what one should do when one is going through this transition(literally it's a blazing storm inside yourself)?The most important thing to understand that we, as a child, were not aware of these feelings due to low sensitivity.But as we grow into adults, this sensitivity increases as we are exposed to the real world.It's highly uncomfortable(by high I literally mean the peaks of discomfort) and one does feel hopeless,almost suicidal, if one does not have the understanding that this is normal part of transition.So you need to be easy on yourself first,this is the most important pointer.By easy I mean being okay with feeling as loser,inferior in fact hopeless.You don't have to go and force yourself to face all your fears in one day.In fact, the suffering you are facing at the moment is the best effort from you during this transition.There is no need to go and face that fearful situation if you don't feel like doing so.You are going through this transition and you are uncomfortable and this is the best facing you are doing.

   One may feel to end his life while going through this transition because the barrage of emotions are quite overwhelming.Also there is uncertainty that when these emotions will feel comfortable or go away.Also you may realize that only you are suffering and other's are happy.Again this is also normal.And most important,in any case don't give up your life.Keep it simple.Be okay with discomfort and when it becomes overwhelming go and distract yourself or enjoy a cup of cold coffee!

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