Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Some Lessons

        It's been almost a year since I was exposed to increasing awareness.Even now I am facing surge of negative feelings.Growing up is really hard!.But here are a few positive lessons that I learnt...

1.No matter how hard it is,never give in to suicidal thoughts.Just stay aware of them,just live.
2.If something feels right to you which contradicts what other's say,stick with your judgement.
3.Be totally easy on yourself.This transition takes time and you cant ignore waiting.
4.Even if elders advise you to just get over it, or buy you into doom stories,don't listen to them.Respect your decisions.
5.You don't have to go and deliberately face your fears,what you are facing just now is enough.
6.Sometimes do something really great!Out of the box.This eases feelings of worthlessness.
7.If people judge you,judge them!.

Even these little pointers are very valuable and can ease your journey.The first pointer is the crux of this process.As the say'Dying is easy,living is hard'.

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